Clubs Need Members!
Clubs Need Members!
Posted on 09/28/2017
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There are a few clubs that are in need of more members.  If your student is interested in the following clubs, please contact the club sponsor by email.  The descriptions for each of these clubs is included along with the sponsor's email address for quick contact.  If your child is interested in orchestra, but you may not be able to pay for an instrument, please contact Mr. Torretta as he has a few extra instruments available.   

Math Club

Who: 4th & 5th grade

When:  Thursday, 7:45 am

Sponsor:  Mrs. Hoormann  ([email protected])

The Math Club members work on advanced math problems and projects that help prepare them for future challenging mathematics problems and classes.
Newspaper Club

Who: 4th & 5th grade

When: Friday, 7:45 am

Sponsor: Ms. Landwehr ([email protected])

In newspaper club, students will learn basic journalistic and writing skills. Staff members brainstorm ideas for articles, research current world events, and interview staff and students about activities occurring within the building.  Students use creative writing and the computers. Students create unique pieces of writing and are dedicated to working above and beyond the regular school day researching, interviewing, writing and reviewing articles for our newspaper. It is a job that requires a motivated and serious person. The newspaper staff publishes four issues per year: fall, winter, spring, & summer.

Who: 5th grade

When:  Tuesday & Thursday, 7:50 am

Sponsor: Mr. Torretta  ([email protected])

Orchestra is open to all interested 5th grade students.  Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is required.  Parents are responsible for renting a string instrument (violin, viola, or cello) from a music store or obtaining it from some other source (friend or relative).  Parents are also responsible for transportation to the rehearsals and performances. The orchestra group will perform several times throughout the school year.
Sign Language Club

Who: 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade

When: Tuesday, 7:45 am

Sponsor: Mrs. Flaugher ([email protected])

Students in this club will learn more about deaf and hearing impaired individuals, encouraging acceptance of diversity. This develops an understanding of sign language as a means of communication. The Sign Language Club will learn sign to certain songs or stories so that they can perform in the fall Veterans' Day ceremony and in the spring talent show.
Wee Deliver Literacy Program

Who: 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade

When: Wednesday, 7:45 am

Sponsor:  Mrs. Roberts ([email protected])

The purpose of Wee Deliver is to encourage letter writing, using the mail system, and properly addressing an envelope.  The Postal Team will be responsible for picking up the mail, sorting it by towns and delivering mail.
Yearbook Club

Who: 5th grade  

When:  Wednesday, 7:45 am

Sponsor:  Mrs. Brownlee ([email protected])

Students will create the yearbook for the current year. Students will utilize the online yearbook program to write captions, create memory pages, edit, and help with the layout of the school yearbook.